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AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.5

Final Word on the Presentation in the Manual

As you browse through the manual, you will see that some screenshots are from older releases; the screenshots are replaced only when the input has been modified for the displayed indicator. With time, all screenshots will be refreshed but all efforts are on the product development for the time being. Your comments to make the manual easier to read would be welcome.

Release 4.0 Comments:

The major change in this release is the restructuring of the low volatility expert, the deletion of the option to use the closing price in indicators and the addition of new indicators such as Time display of vertical lines for Fibonacci and Gann Cycles. Simplification of date input using the yyyymmdd format. There is an improvement of the exploration for Wolf Wave with its corresponding indicator and in the expert. Most of these changes take advantage of the extra space allowed in formulas by the latest version of MetaStock® 8.0. If you did not migrate to the 8.0 version, you will not be able to use this revision. MetaStock has changed the way the files are saved so that you can read old version but the new version cannot be read by 7.2 or before. This is very unfortunate and this issue occurs for the third time in a row with Equis. I will maintain both version alive but obviously it would be foolish not to take the enhancements of the latest for the benefit of users. Release 4.3 Comments: Completed the integration of recognizing a small wave 3 and other erratic patterns and adjusted the price and time projections accordingly. Created symbols to account for a converging triangle with letters c,d and e. Introduced continuity between the Low Volatility Expert and the Elliott Waves 6.0 Expert. The addition of overlapping sensitivity provides an anchor point from one screen to the other. This version will display more accurately in high volatility periods. A thorough cleanup has been performed in the indicators, systems, explorations and experts. Only those related to the use of Elliott Waves have been kept. For those who would prefer to keep them, just send a note. Release 4.5 Comments: The date input function has been modified to accommodate the intraday users who require an hour and minute input. All indicators now reflect this. AOi explorations, systems and templates have been added for intraday data strictly. System Testers have been modified to use the unadorned Elliott methodology (entries and exits should be closely related to triggers). Release 5.5 Comments: This release is for MetaStock 9.0 and up! It adds 2 new experts, AlphOmega Elliott Waves Impulse Signals and AlphOmega Elliott Waves Points, 2 new explorations, AlphOmega Elliott Impulses (21%) DF* and AlphOmega Wave Points, and a new system test, AlphOmega Elliott Impulses (21%) with revised formulas to catch all signals either in explorations or system tests. All indicators renamed with either AlphOmega or AO as a prefix, please delete all previous indicators and experts from AlphOmega. Uninstalling will not erase the old nomenclature and your database will carry duplicate or obsolete indicators and experts. It is a good practice to compare the detailed list at the end of this manual with your indicator, system, expert, exploration and template lists.

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