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AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.5


These simple explanations should enable you to use immediately your Experts, Indicators, System and Explorations. With MetaStock® and your quotes you don’t need anything else to select from thousands of securities, the ones that offer trading potential. If you like using the set, tell your friends so they can order it. If you don’t like the set, take the time to drop E-mail to roberttasse@videotron.ca. I will reply and take in consideration your comments in order to improve the tool and satisfy if possible your demand. There will be no advertising for this product other than good reputation; we are trying to keep the price low so everyone who owns MetaStock® can enjoy the set. Put your money in the Market, not in hardware and software.

If you would like to see improvement or specific features you have in mind, please write or E-mail to the address above. There is a section called Commentary at the GoEmerchant Storefront for AlphOmega, it will be updated regularly to provide insights on the use of Elliott Waves. The first one is included in your set of files.

This booklet is not about recommending buying or selling but rather a guideline to interpreting the specified methodology. This information should only be used by investors who are aware of the inherent risk in securities trading. AlphOmega Inc. and Robert Tassé accept no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of this product or its contents.

Please note that MetaStock® and Equis are registered trademarks used by Equis International. The Explorer™ and The Expert Advisor™ are also trademarks of Equis International.

Equis International makes no representation or recommendation about this set of Experts, Indicators, Systems and Explorations.

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