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AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.5

Appendix 8

AO Gann Swing: This indicator will plot the Gann swings using two successive days of higher highs or lower lows. There is no sensitivity adjustment, only the possibility of starting from High or Low (default) or Close. Although unusual, this zigzag works very well in slightly trending markets. It is not Elliott swings so don’t look for impulse or corrective waves; there is no nesting in this kind of waves, there are absolute unless you change the number of successive highs or lows required.

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AO Gann Weekly-RS: This indicator will display the latest weekly support or resistance as well as the zigzag for the selected sensitivity. The red line is the resistance or support while the green line is the zigzag.

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AO Gap Resistance: This indicator will plot the resistance level based on the latest gap. The concept is that until a gap is filled, it is likely to be a resistance or a support. Depending on the type of gap, some will close rapidly while others will take a long time. Exhaustion gaps always close fast while runaway gaps tend to remain open longer.

AO GDate: This indicator will store the current date information to be used by The Explorer™. This information must be entered daily by the user. This global variable cannot be used for intraday, only for end of day databases. The indicator does not appear in the Indicator Display list, the update is through the Indicator Builder list.

AO HiLo Channel: This indicator will plot an average of the highs and the lows thus forming a channel. This indicator has no parameter but uses 10 periods for the moving averages of the high and low. When price strays from the channel, volatility is higher, the channel almost acts like an ATR.

AO Impulses % GT: This indicator will plot the number of good impulses for the specified bars period and the specified sensitivity. It will also provide number of good impulses and total impulses. This is for a quick back test check of the fit of sensitivity to the price action of the security.

AO Input W# Highlighter: This indicator will plot the standard projection for the specified wave number from latest peak or trough at the specified sensitivity. Useful if you want to check different sensitivity without having to drag several indicators in your chart. Make sure the wave is still running otherwise it will not display anything.

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