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Technical analysis on foreign exchange: 1975-2004

Books Related

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The Reuters Financial Training Series An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets A new concept in financial education training, An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Market is guides novices through the intricacies of the world's wealthiest capital exchange markets. This book sets out to give a clear understanding of how and why these markets function, and explains the associated jargon. Readers will be able to take a more detailed look at Money Market and Foreign Exchange instruments and will be able to examine, in particular, the parameters which must be defined in order to place a value on these instruments, together with basic valuation techniques. Key features include:

  • Introductory sections defining terms and giving background to theories
  • Examples and calculations of various types of foreign exchange and money market transactions and instruments
  • Summaries and overviews at the end of each chapter recapitulating key points and definitions
  • Quick quiz questions and answers to reinforce learning
  • Further resources which point to other books, articles and internet tools to widen readers' comprehension and entrench their foundation in the subject.
Each book in the series is supported by the Wiley-Reuters Financial Training web site (www.wiley-rft.reuters.com). This regularly updated site offers a range of screens taken directly from the Reuters terminal, information on professional exams, web links to key institutional finance web sites and much more. This book will be of particular interest to novice traders, investors and trainers in financial institutions looking for a key introductory text. Endorsed by ACI Education, the educational arm of ACI - The Financial Markets Association, the book provides a comprehensive study for anyone and everyone involved in Foreign Exchange and Money Markets.

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Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Wiley (March, 1992)
ISBN: 0471543934
Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.0 inches

From the Inside Flap

What makes the global trader different from other traders? The global trader sees a bigger universe of profitable opportunities that includes foreign bonds, emerging markets, futures, and all types of newly developed instruments and securities. But if you want to become a global trader, you have to devote time and study to the effort. The Global Trader prepares you for global investing by helping you discover the trading methodology that fits your preferences, while providing the essential tools necessary for your journey.
Seasoned financial writer Barbara Rockefeller first explains how to decide what opportunities are best suited for you and then discusses how to target, research, and trade them within a less efficient yet potentially more profitable global market. She also includes relevant Web sites, books, and magazines that will help you gather international information and wisdom in thinking about these unfamiliar situations.

The Global Trader offers the best ways to participate in foreign markets, from iShares to Australian bonds. And for markets where you cannot trade directly, this comprehensive guide shows you how to locate stocks by country. But knowing what to trade does not make a complete global trader. An introduction to the foreign exchange market illustrates how global markets encompass economics, politics, demographics, and cultures as well as business. Important lessons on diversification teach you how to use the futures markets to hedge risk and why the correlation between U.S. and foreign markets can provide a false sense of diversification in your portfolio.

Valuable insights on indices, currencies, and global market inefficiencies allow you to track foreign markets and make informed decisions on when to buy and when to sell. Along with these opportunities, The Global Trader gets you started in building your own trading system as well as using technical indicators, including the support and resistance range and adaptive moving averages. For the evolved trader, this concise guide also explains the hedge fund model and how it can be emulated.

The Global Trader provides you with proven strategies, guidelines, and tools for trading in global markets. Easy-to-understand examples, charts, and graphs give you the best chance to learn and profit from some of the best global opportunities available today. With The Global Trader you’ll quickly understand why this form of trading is an exceptional way to generate profits, reduce risk, and diversify your portfolio.

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